Wall mounted kids room solution from String. Wall panels and metal shelves low in black. Organizers and hooks in black.

Organizers one set of three Black

Recommended price GBP 46.00
The organizers are part of our range of accessories. The organizers fit together with 30 cm deep wire panels from String® System and the wire screen from Works™. Let the organizers spark your creativity and keep your pens in one of them, rulers in the other and why not plant something in the third. They are also a great help in the kitchen since they can store your kitchen utensils. The organizers are made of biocomposite material containing 40% wood fibres. Each packaging contains three organizers in the following sizes: (1) w9 x d7 x h12 cm (2) w20 x d8 x h8 cm (3) w12 x d7,5 x h8 cm.