Swedish design, designed and made in Sweden.

    "Some things become so strongly associated with a time they become timeless”.

    – Kerstin Wickman, History of Design and Crafts Professor

    String Furniture encourage creativity in every space, room and home.  

    Upholding the Scandinavian tradition for ingenious design, everything we create is elegant in form, instantly recognisable, and flexible in function. Forever inspired by the simplicity of the original String® shelf.  

    Designed by Kajsa and Nisse Strinning in 1949, this design icon is not only considered a masterpiece invention, but officially recognised as a an work of art. Design enthusiasts, Peter Erlandsson and Pär Josefsson founded String Furniture in 2004, continuing the legacy of Nisse and Kajsa Strinning.Today, we honour their timeless vision and invite fresh ideas to the family time and time again.

    Anna von Schewen & Björn Dahlström
    She's an interior designer, he's an industrial designer. Together, they're a powerhouse partnership.
    Meet the designers
    TAF Studio
    Gabriella Lenke and Mattias Ståhlbom are the design duo behind both Museum and Relief.
    Meet the designers
    Nisse & Kajsa Strinning
    Innovation doesn't begin to cover the ethos of this international design studio, and creators of Center Center.
    Meet the designers

    Minimalist ethos, sustainable ethics.

    With combinations and quality to last generations, String Furniture doesn’t need to be recycled. But that doesn’t mean we’re not focussed on sustainability. 95% of our furniture is made in Sweden from renewable, recyclable, or recycled materials, paired with careful manufacturing.