Terms of use images

Acceptance of these Terms of Use implies that the User has acquainted themselves with all of the following terms and conditions. These Terms of Use are binding on all users. The User must always observe the fact that an image may be covered by alternative, supplementary terms and conditions, in which case these will be stated when the image is downloaded. If this is the case, the supplementary terms and conditions shall apply in addition to these Terms of Use. The term user refers to the person, organisation or company that uses the image (the “User”).

Using images from the image bank or website

Unless other terms and conditions are stated for a specific image, images from the photo gallery/website may be used free of charge for the purpose of giving exposure to String®, String Furniture AB and/or other products from String Furniture AB. It is not permitted to use images without explicitly referring to String® or String Furniture AB.


The name of the photographer must be stated as close to the image as possible, in the following manner: String® © Photographer’s name or String Furniture © Photographer’s name. If the image contains any work of art, applied art or significant architecture, then the name of the creator of such a protected work shall also be stated.

The User

Images from the photo gallery must not be transmitted to a third party. The person, company or organisation that uses the image from the image bank is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Terms of Use. Downloaded images must be used within one (1) month. After this, the image must be downloaded again.

Rights, Limitations and Data Storage

The User receives a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the image from the photo gallery. Images may not be transferred, uploaded, rented out or otherwise copied or distributed to third parties. String Furniture AB reserves the right to refuse a specific User the right to use downloaded images and to revoke rights to certain individual images without further notice. In the event of such a withdrawal of rights, the User shall delete the downloaded image and, as far as possible, remove the image from use.

Unauthorized Use

Images from the photo gallery may not be used in a manner that violates Swedish or international law. Images may not be used in a manner or context that may be deemed offensive, misleading or unlawful. Neither may images be used in a manner that might be deemed offensive to the photographer and/or people in the photograph.


All material in the photo gallery is protected in accordance with the Swedish Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (SFS 1960:729). This means that all copyright to content, design, cataloguing, text, graphics and pictorial material, as well as coding, HTML, JavaScript or the like, is protected and does not transfer to the User.


Disputes arising from the creation, interpretation or application of these Terms of Use shall be decided in Malmö District Court, with Swedish law applying.