Our commitment

Our Vision

To actively contribute to the creation of a circular economy and an equal society, without any compromise on the safety, quality, and aesthetic of our products.

We will continue to create furniture that will last generations and remain timeless across any design style. With our multifunctional approach, String® furniture never needs to be recycled as it can be repurposed, rebuilt, repaired, and reused. While the circularity of the system speaks for itself, we are committed to ensuring the footprint behind the production methods and logistics we use is reduced.

A Current Overview

Our priority is to start a systematic collection of an updated set of sustainability measures from each supplier we work with to ensure we can reduce our CO2 emissions going forward with a targeted and measured approach. Currently, we measure our CO2 footprint according to the GHG-emission protocol with our own operations running at a rate of 27 tCO2 per annum (Equivalent to a year’s emissions from six passenger cars). We are working with an external partner, Normative, to fully understand our carbon footprint.

97% of our products are made from wood and steel, with steel being our core material. We are working with our suppliers to select the lowest impact solutions for our products and processes. While most of our suppliers are already working systematically to reduce their energy use and emissions, we will be documenting this more closely to ensure accountability and transparency is upheld.

From the materials we use to our design and manufacturing processes, packaging, logistics and most importantly, our people, we will be closely assessing each area to ensure a commitment to improve and adapt is our priority. We design and manufacture our products centred around the values and principles of durability and circularity and with the second life in mind, transcending fast fashions and trends.

You can find our full manifesto here.


From 1949 to now

Three simple elements, sketched on a napkin, changed the walls of the world for good. Behind this timeless feat of Scandinavian design were architects, Nisse and Kajsa Strinning: a couple like no other.

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