Interior stylist Lotta Agaton

When furnishing a kids’ room storage is key. But to make that key look modern and effortless, some inspirational tips and tricks might come in handy. Make sure that the shelving combination has hidden storage compartments at ground level. You will thank yourself for installing these since they make it possible for your child to clean and keep the room tidy on their own. Encouraging cleaning and making it part of your child’s everyday routine will make everyone a bit happier. If your child does not have the same folding skills or way of organising their stuff as you prefer, drawers or cabinets will be your saviour. Therefore, I always add cabinets with sliding doors or chest of drawers at the bottom of the shelving solution.

On the top shelves I would suggest placing nicer toys and more precious items such as christening gifts or cute teddy bears. On the other shelves, where everything is out on display, I always try to colour coordinate as much as possible to give the kids’ room a calmer impression.

If you add a metal shelf to your kids’ room solution you can utilize many of the accessories from String, and for instance add a rod where you can hang your baby’s cutest outfit or doll clothes from your older child’s favourite doll.

Lotta Agaton

I always add cabinets with sliding doors or chest of drawers at the bottom of the shelving solution.

Creative chaos

If you have space for a larger shelving solution, I once again want to emphasize the colour coordination advice, but also to utilize the space of a larger solution by grouping objects, think flat lays. When creating these flat lays, make sure to leave some space in-between to avoid the shelf looking messy and too cramped. When you are done styling your shelf, take a few steps back and squint (yes, I said squint) to see if the dynamic between colours and objects are in harmony. For example, you want to avoid gathering all coloured objects or all tall objects on one side.

Since the shelving system is flexible and can grow with your child. As you child is getting older and the need for storage increases, just add another panel and a few shelves and your problem is solved. If you have a work desk inserted in the shelving system, you can easily raise the height or add another work and let a younger sibling have some space too. Do not be afraid to move around the shelves and change the look of the shelving solution. Creating an inspiring environment for both you and your child is a piece of cake when furnishing with String.

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If you have the space for it, it is such a nice detail to add a String® Pocket as a complement to the larger shelving solutions. Place it above the bed, or as part of a creative corner.

Lotta Agaton

Lotta's top three tips

1. Drawers or cabinets at ground level

2. Colour coordinate

3. Metal shelf for accessories

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