Landscaping engineer Josephine Formoso

What is usually neglected in the garden is just that, storage. String® Outdoor enables for garden storage in a whole new way. Simply put, you can furnish your outdoor space with a beautiful and timeless shelving system. The galvanized shelving system also gives you the opportunity to harmonize your outdoor area with the rest of your house. The industrial looking and stylish shelf is easy to furnish with since you can add (almost) anything and still keep the Scandinavian minimalist style.

Furnishing your garden and outdoor spaces with smart storage solutions are equally satisfying for the eye as for the orderly mind. The galvanized steel is not only a robust material that do not rust, but a material that becomes more beautiful with time – oh how I have longed for this! A tip when you are styling your galvanized shelving combination is to mix and match materials such as rusty Corten steel, grey Offerdal slate, concrete or cast aluminum. Always make sure to add objects in wood, rattan, and a lot of greenery to soften the impression of the shelf.

Josephine Formoso

Landscaping engineer and garden designer with education from Hvilan in Åkarp and SLU Alnarp.

Tips on how to make outdoor storing fun

1. Turn the Outdoor assortment into a home for everything you cultivate. Have all your pots with herbs, tomatoes, and such in your shelf

2. Decorate your shelf with beautiful garden tools such as gloves and scissors if you add hooks

3. Add wood and soft materials to your galvanized combination

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Furnishing your garden and outdoor spaces with smart storage solutions are equally satisfying for the eye as for the orderly mind

Josephine Formoso

Where would you place your String® Outdoor combination?

I would suggest placing it close to the grill where it can act as a part of an outdoor kitchen. A place for you to store bowls and plates with foods that are going on the grill. The bottom shelves are great as storage, where you can place containers of charcoal and briquettes and stack piles of firewood. The stack of firewood does not only add warmth to your whole outdoor space, but stability to the shelf. The hooks in stainless steel help you arrange all cooking utensils and barbecue tools. On the top shelves there are lots of space to stack ceramics, glass, and barbecue gadgets. Pots and baskets with herbs will also fit right in on the top shelves. If your String® Outdoor combination is the only furniture or object in galvanised or stainless steel, I would highly recommend placing one or two pots in galvanised/stainless steel somewhere else in your garden to create a harmonized impression.

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