Free-standing galvanized shelf from String System. Galvanized metal shelves with high and low edge along with a galvanized back panel. Vertical hook and double hook in stainless steel to increase storage. Leave your String shelves in galvanized material outdoor all year round.
Free standing shelf – galvanized


Recommended price GBP 593.00
The free standing shelf intended for outdoor use from String® System fits equally well on a smaller balcony as on a larger terrace. The shelf is completely free standing but, if desired, can be secured to the base it is standing on. A complete section of the free standing shelf consists of one back panel, two uprights and two galvanized floor panels with height 85 cm and depth 30 cm. To build additional sections, you need one upright along with one panel for each section. We recommend at least one back panel, preferably placed in the middle, for a free standing shelf consisting of three sections. Add hooks to increase the storage possibilities. One section has the dimensions: width 61 cm and height 87 cm.