Floor mounted outdoor solution from String. Galvanized wall panels, shelves high and low.

Metal Shelf Low w58 x d30 cm Galvanized

Recommended price GBP 90.00
W58 x H7 x D30
W58 x H2 x D30
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The galvanized shelves from String® System are created for outdoor use. The shelves with low edge, 2 cm, are available in one width, 58 cm, and two depths, 20 and 30 cm. The shelves with high edge, 7 cm, are available in one width, 58 cm, and one depth, 30 cm. Create a minimalistic shelving combination with only shelves with the same edge height, or mix the two edge heights to create a more dynamic combination. Add accessories to optimize your storage possibilities outdoors. The shelves fit into galvanized wire panels from String® System and they are easy to move around. The galvanized shelves withstand any weather and can stay outside all year round. Each packaging contains one galvanized shelf.