Floor mounted workspace solution from String. Floor panels in white. Metal shelves in white. Shelves, magazine shelf and folding table in oak. Bowl shelves in white. String pocket in oak/white.

Folding Table Oak/White

Recommended price GBP 490.00
Oak / White
The folding table can be folded up and down with ease due to its flexible construction. The dimensions when folded up: w78 x d96 x h71 cm. When folded down the table melts into the shelf and then has the following dimensions: w78 x d30 x h71 cm. The folding table fits into 30 cm deep wire floor panels from String® System. The folding table is well suited for a smaller kitchen or other narrow spaces where a permanent table would be in the way. Maximize the usage and let the folding table act as your workspace during the day and dinner table at night.