String shelving system for the kids’ room. Wall panels in beige, cabinets with sliding doors in beige, metal shelf with low edge in beige, shelves in beige, shelves in walnut, cabinet with sliding doors in walnut, rods in beige and j hooks in beige. String Pocket with perforated metal shelves in the colours white, taupe and neon.

Metal Shelf Low w58 x d30 cm Beige

Recommended price GBP 77.00
W78 x H2 x D30
W58 x H2 x D30
W78 x H2 x D20
W58 x H2 x D20
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The metal shelves with low edge are available in two widths, 58 and 78 cm, along with two depths, 20 and 30 cm. The shelves are easy to move around and fit into wire and plex panels from String® System if the shelves and panels have the same depth. The 2 cm high edge makes the shelves blend right into a shelving combination with wooden shelves. The perforated shelves are the optimal base to be creative with our accessories. Add hooks, rods, or hanger racks to design your own unique shelf. Each packaging contains one metal shelf.