Close up on String Furniture's panels in brown.

Wall Panel h75 x d30 cm Brown

Recommended price GBP 65.00
H75 x D30
H75 x D20
H50 x D30
H50 x D20
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The wall panels are available in two heights, 50 and 75 cm, along with two depths, 20 and 30 cm. The panels are the base when building your string shelf. When the panels are decided you can start adding products from String® System. Choose among different shelves and cabinets. The wall panels are mounted onto a wall and do not touch either the floor or ceiling, which makes the whole shelf easy to adapt to any room. Make your shelf even more functional and unique by adding organizers or hooks, which all are placed on the panel’s threads. The panels come in two different packaging’s, either with one wall panel or two wall panels.