Let Works ease your workload

Is your workspace in your home or do you go to an office? Or is your work life a mix of the two? While modern technology enables for working remotely it does not mean everyone have the optimal workspace set-up at home. We decided to develop a new assortment to solve this and teamed up with architect Anna von Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström. They designed modern sit-stand desks, functional essentials such as pull-out drawers and a free-standing shelf where you can insert a filing cabinet and lots more.

The already flexible String® shelving system is the perfect complement to give your workspace even more function and storage space. Pro tip if you already have a String shelf at home is to add a work desk to your shelving system, and suddenly you have a dedicated spot to work from. Everything is designed with the timeless Scandinavian mindset.


String Furniture's anniversary catalogue