height-adjustable work desks in oak. mobile storage units in oak. fabric sleeve. plex wall panels and shelves in grey. cabinet with sliding doors in grey.
height adjustable work desk, electrical, in oak, 140x78 cm, upright position


Recommended price GBP 1,630.00
White / Oak
The height-adjustable work desk from Works makes it possible to create flexible and ergonomic workspaces. The work desk consists of one height-adjustable table frame and one work desk with cable cover. The work desks with 78 cm depth are available in three widths: 120, 140 and 160 cm. The work desk with 90 cm depth and 180 cm width is intended for a meeting table or for a larger workspace, which is why the cable cover is placed in the middle. The frame’s highest height is 118.5 cm and the lowest height is 71.5 cm and fits to all work desks.